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You (and every other mom or dad) love your children. You spend a lot of time pouring over books on how to be a great parent, spend a lot of money on clothing, books, and toys. And, of course, you want the best for your children. Why don’t you take your knowledge about children, and start a fun business? There are several child related businesses that are really booming right now. Let’s talk about three of the biggest (and easiest to break into) businesses.

Children’s Toys

A hot new trend in child related businesses is selling children’s toys. It isn’t difficult to find toys to buy for your child, but finding high quality toys or learning toys can be difficult. One way to earn some extra money is by starting a fun business that sells children’s toys.

There are two ways to do this: by selling online or by selling at home parties. If you sell online, you can have a huge stock of toys and games that will suit nearly every child. If you sell at home parties, you will be able to interact with your clients face to face, and recommend toys that their children will love. Plus, if you have children of your own, have them try out the toys and demonstrate them for your clients. Selling children’s toys is a great fun business idea for anyone who is a kid at heart, but it is not the only way to earn extra money with a child related business.

Children’s Books Online

Another fun business is selling children’s books. Every parent knows the importance of reading to their children, and how important it is to spend time together taking turns reading a favorite bedtime story.

Starting a business that sells children’s books online is a great way to allow parents to give their children books that they will treasure for a lifetime. Imagine giving your child a hardcover book that you read when you were a child; thinking about your own story time will definitely take you down memory lane. Selling children’s books online is not that complicated, and definitely something that you can do from home. If you want to share the magic of a book with children, consider starting this type of child related business.

Kid’s Bedding and Room Décor

If you have a sense of style, and think that children should be comfortable in their own bedrooms, you could consider starting a kid’s bedding and room décor business. These are great for mothers and fathers that can take a room with white walls and turn it into the place from a child’s dreams. A kid’s bedding and room décor business would allow you to consult with parents (and their child) to create a room that is exclusively designed keeping the children in mind. Whatever the budget, it is possible to spruce up the room. Imagine having a kid get excited about bedtime, because he can slip into his favorite cartoon sheets; or a woman remembering the cute doll lamp that she used to read by on her bedside table when she was a little girl.

Starting a fun child related business is a great at opportunity for any mother or father who wants to spend more time with their children and make a bit of extra money. Check out the possibilities today, and find out how you can make the life of a child brighter.


One tough dilemma for any parent is to know when to let children learn for themselves from the consequences of their own actions and when to intervene to teach them a lesson. This is sometimes referred to as natural consequences or logical consequences and the principle is simple but its execution is not always easy.

A common example of a natural consequence might be seen in the kitchen where if a child touches the hotplate while you’re cooking he’ll burn his hand. Here the child learns a lesson from nature without any need for you to intervene. However, this is perhaps something of an extreme example.

Let’s say a child wants to buy a model airplane and that you agree to help by paying him to wash the car each week, rather than taking it as you normally would to the carwash, so that he can save enough money to buy the model. However, with money in his pocket he can’t resist the temptation to spend it and by the time he should have saved enough for the model airplane he’s already spent most or all of his money on junk. At this point of course he probably still expects to receive the model airplane and is surprised when he doesn’t.

In both of these cases the child has learn a valuable lesson from the natural consequences of his own actions and you have played no active part in teaching him these lessons. This is perhaps the best way to teach any lesson and the child benefits whether the result is good or bad. If the child had not for example spent the money earned by washing the car and had been able to buy the model he would equally have learned the value of working and saving for something and would also have learned the value of the model itself, since he had to work and save to get it.

But let’s return to the example of the child putting his hand on the hotplate. This is certainly one way for the child to learn a lesson but no parent is going to stand by and watch their child learn a lesson in this manner. In many cases the consequences of a child’s action are serious or long-lasting and you need to intervene and find some other way to teach the child the lesson he needs to learn.

The secret here is to ensure that your intervention is seen as part of the logical consequence had the child been allowed to learn the lesson without your intervention.

Let’s say for example that your teenage daughter rents a movie from the local corner shop but forgets to return it on time so that she incurs a late fee. Now, assuming that she doesn’t have the money to pay the late fee, you give her the money so that she can return the movie.

At this point you could punish her by forbidding her to rent any further movies for the next month but this is not a logical consequence of her action of not returning the movie on time, which was to incur a late fee. It would be far better therefore to punish her by deducting the late fee from her allowance. Because this punishment is directly related to the late return of the movie she is much more likely to remember to return the next movie she rents on time.

Some lessons of course are easier to teach than others. If your seventeen year old son has unprotected sex with his sixteen year old girlfriend the natural consequences of an unwanted pregnancy could have life-long consequences. But how do you intervene to stop this happening?

Unfortunately there’s no simple answer to this one and how you tackle the problem will depend very much upon your own personal and family circumstances and the relationship which you have built up with your son. What is certain is that you cannot simply sit back and let nature take its course if you feel that there is a danger of your son getting himself into trouble.

For each and every situation that faces us as parents we have to decide whether our children can learn for themselves through their own experience, or whether we need to intervene to help in the learning process. In additionArticle Search, having decided that intervention is necessary we need to intervene wherever possible in a manner that follows the natural consequences of the child’s action. Here there is no stock answer to the problem and you need to be guided by your own experience.


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