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In addition, the running-induced psychological changes will also benefit young people as adults. If in the early years I know that I can run faster except a few people, it would greatly enhance your self-confidence. An unwonted sense of equality will come to a teenager’s mind if he take part in a race and exceed a strong twenty-five years old adult for his sprinting in the rest one hundred yard. Roger Bannister wrote that the period of adolescence always brings psychological conflict and trepidation, over the years, if a boy’s body and mind are tested through hard activities, he may bound to bear the experience more easily. It was also noted that this was Roger Bannister’s advice in the past decades. It is undoubted that girls will also be put into the article if Roger Bannister writes it these days.It is also correct for running prior to the time span of puberty. One day in the fall, I went to New York City’s north of Franklinite Park to watch the Junior National Cross Country Championships of the same age. There were three thousand four hundred and twenty-nine participants of boys and girls, some of which were only six years old. They walked along wide grassland on the runway and run an ace of one and a half miles. They were divided into groups, each group with a difference of two years. Like bee, they run on a batch and with crowds. When they start to run, first of all, is six and seven years old girls, then is eight and nine years old girls, lined down, up to the sixteenth and seventeenth-year-old boy. People were astounded by the game result.In the most immature group of young girls, a girl finishes the course in less than seven and a half minutes per mile. In the same age group, a boy costs ten minutes and eighteen seconds to go all the way. For his speed, even many adults can not catch up with him. But what can draw our more attention was their emotions, rather than their running speed. When children were in the final few yards of the sprint, their face expressions were the same as you saw in the international competitions, liked the runner’s face, showing a pair of struggling expression. Children would recover their smile and happy mood at once after they outride the finishing line, step into the outdoor activities.Notwithstanding the above evidence, some parents still worry that their children are too young to run, hard running will make themselves hurt. Not long ago, Duke University held a game of twenty-yard dash toward the mother for kids from six to ten months and something unusual happened, maybe parents are still worry about this kind of thing. In order to protect my own children, I seek advice from doctors and physiologist; ask for their opinions on such things.


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Maybe you have this experience: a naughty child is bite by the bees, wound immediately becomes red and swollen and the pain is tough. Anxious parents put some brown sugar on the pain. The red pain goes away quickly and the painful feelings gradually retreat.

For thousands of years, brown sugar with the role of detoxification and moisture is widely accepted by people. This special role of brown sugar, mainly due to its natural ingredients tretinoin. Brown sugar is red crystals with gramineae refining. The study finds that the sugar cane, this perennial herb has treasures in body inside and outside It contains many essential amino acids such as lysine, malic acid, citric acid, etc. It is a synthetic human protein to support metabolism, involving in the essential activities of human life as the basic material. The cane also has rich vitamins B1, B2, B6, and vitamin C. The molasses researchers extracting from sugar cane pulp is actually a polysaccharide. Studies have shown that it has potent antioxidant capabilities on animal tumor inhibition. The sugarcane pulp contains soybean sterol, benzene oil sterols and other antioxidant natural substances. It is validated by experts that those substances have distinct effects on anti-aging.

Through metabolism, useful material of human body is absorbed. Meanwhile, it has also produced some waste and toxins. Vehicle emissions, air pollution, pesticides and chemicals for environmental pollution and toxic effects of chemicals, food additives on the human body have unlimited interference. They formed the outside drug. The toxins accumulate in the body. After a long time, the body will get diseases. Toxins accumulating in the skin cells will form the skin problems, such as pigmentation, acne, loss of elasticity and drying.

The key to solve the problem is detoxification for skin cells. Brown sugar contains a special ingredient molasses with strong detoxification effect. It can make the excess melanin derived from the dermal layer and excreted through the lymphoid tissue of the body. It prevents the formation of melanin from the source. In addition, the brown sugar contains carotene, riboflavin, niacin, amino acids, glucose and other components. They have potent antioxidant and repair function. It improves the rapid growth after subcutaneous cell detoxification and avoids pigment rebound. The skin begins to become whiten from the cells.

The detox principle of brown sugar is taken from the beauty in thousands of years ago Japanese researchers analysis that brown sugar’s natural ingredients and pharmacological. They found that natural ingredients extracted from the brown sugar molasses detoxification whitening effect. Because it can enter the toxic cell and makes the excess melanin derived from the dermis and excreted through the body’s lymphoid tissue API supplier. At the same time, molasses’ strong anti-oxidation function can completely repair the damaged cells and restore the healthy cells. It is both detoxification and reconstructions. Preventing the formation of melanin from the source is the most important reason for the brown sugar detox white slip series caused a sensation in the Japanese beauty industry and the arts sector.



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