The Mental Game

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How to train their minds for success.

How to master the mental game.

And only those who master the mental game can become true champions.

So what is the mental game?

The mental game is the internal competition that every athlete has to deal with.  It is a competition between negative and positive thoughts.  Between fear and courage.  Between doubt and faith.  Between distractions and concentration.

It is a competition between staying the same and stretching beyond personal boundaries.

The mind’s job is to protect.  To preserve.  To prevent change.  Because change is in the realm of the unknown.  And the unknown could be dangerous.

The athlete who understands how his mind works recognizes the negative thoughts that arise and replaces them with positive ones.  He recognizes when fear is holding him back and works through his fear by acting with courage. 

He recognizes the immobilizing feelings of doubt and forces himself to take faithful action.  He recognizes distractions and defeats them by focusing on the task at hand.

In other words, he is aware of the constant conversation taking place in his mind.  Learning to control the conversation is what the mental game is all about.

Will he step in the batter’s box to not strike out or to get a hit?

Will he pull up at the top of the key or drive the lane?

Will he sit on the sidelines wondering if he’s quick enough to win the race or will he run?

Will he think about the noisy crowd, the botched last play and his sore shoulder muscle or will he focus on passing the ball to his receiver?

Will he stay in his comfort zone or push himself to be a little better than he was the day before?

If an athlete learns to win the mental game on the fieldFree Reprint Articles, he also learns to win the mental game off the field.  And thus succeed in any endeavor.


Many men still live with their parents and
are actually interested in developing long-term relationships.

When dating a
guy who lives at home, here are five important dos and dont’s to remember:

In the film, Failure to Launch, Matthew McConaughey dates
women, they start talking marriage, and he gets cold feet.

He decides she should break up with him. His strategy? Invite the
girl to his place – only it’s not his place. It’s his parents’ family home. The
girl’s dreams of an independent man are shattered. She dumps him and he’s off
the hook.

In real life, however, many men still live with their parents and
are actually interested in developing long-term relationships.

When dating a guy who lives at home, here are five important dos and
don’ts to remember:


1. Assess the situation. His reason for staying at Mummy’s
and Daddy’s better be good. Acceptable excuses are: “I was living on my own for
a while but I’ve come back for a year to save for a home deposit”. Or “‘I’m
staying with my parents until I complete my demanding law degree.” Unacceptable
excuses are: “Mum does my cooking and washing” or “Mum and Dad are the only
friends I’ve got.”


2. Silence is a virtue. While normally you would convey your
date’s kissing prowess by letting out little sighs, at his parents’ place you must
learn to love in silence.


3. Listen to directions. It’s one thing to visit your date’s
place for the first time, it’s quite another when it’s also home to his
parents. If your date gives you a quick tour of the house, be sure to listen
up. My friend Sarah once had the horrifying experience of entering what she
thought was the bathroomFind Article, only to find her date’s parents sitting up in bed.
“I’d accidentally walked straight into their bedroom!” she says.


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