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Given that the children of today are unintentionally raised improperly by the unaware parents and child workersComputer Technology Articles, the children of tomorrow would then be raised just the same without the intervention of proper education. It is not the education given to these children starting in their preschool years but more so the education that the parents and the child workers must be equipped with. The knowledge that they will gain through the study of children would then be used to follow through where the education of the children stops.


We can easily reveal our own imperfections and weak points, as well as various drawbacks of the educational system that today is in need of fundamental changes. Today it is very important to study and discover children, because today we can see them being completely different from the children we could see a couple of decades ago. Recently many famous doctors, psychologists and educators are talking about the new generation of children, including phenomenon of Indigo and Crystal children.
But let us not hold forth on the assumption about extraterrestrial children of the new generation. The statistics and various observations acknowledge great distinction between children of yesterday and today. Conclusion based on the results of spiritual-scientific research, done by scientists, educational specialists and other authorities. The conflicts between generations existed at all times. The same could be said about efforts of the educators and psychologists to find proper ways of communication with children and effective methods of teaching and bringing up. At all times children needed our attention and care.

However today we can see all the questions of education are being as important and urgent, as they have never been before. It is evident that today we have an important task to find new ways of upbringing new generation, which is possible only after deep and careful studying children, serious and hard efforts to understand their minds and hearts and personal inner worlds. Finally we must never forget whether while we are teaching, learning or studying, the most important conditions providing development of each individual are the atmosphere and surroundings of trust, mutual understanding and love.

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