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The Reality of Specialty ShoppingWhether you are an audiophile looking for an old album or a bookworm searching for an out of print book, shopping for rare items can be quite an adventure. As with all adventures, this venture is both exciting and has it own share of perils and dangers. There is a constant danger of losing money on an expensive purchase because of an unknown unfixable value-lowering defect or even out right fake products. This is why enthusiasts and specialists take extra time and effort to learn how to verify the authenticity of products on their own.Getting to Know Your CraftAs said, it does not matter what kind of hobby you specialize in, learning to discern the true value of the items you purchase is an important skill you cannot afford to do without. One good way to learn is by visiting your local specialty store and talking to the owners. The people who run and own specialty stores usually do so because of their own personal passion for their hobby, and they are often the best possible source of information regarding their craft.They will often be quite happy to answer your inquiries if they see that you genuinely want to learn more. Take notes and study key points on your own. You can research on the internet, chat with people on chat rooms or in forum boards or even go to the local library.Research can encompass many different mediums. If you are a fashion geek with a taste for couture, checking fashion magazines and related publications might be where you can find the tell tale signs of an authentic Vera Wang dress before you decide to buy one at a local garage sale. A quick chat with a sales representative or a fast look at an old electronics catalog would let you know if the housing for an original Sony Cassette Walkman is original or has been refurbished. Each product has its own share of physical indications that would help you determine if it is an original or not.When Self Study Cannot Cut it, Get HelpOf course, if you are looking for an authentic Warhol painting, then you are probably better off acquiring the services of a professional. Unless you have studied art in college and have years of experience as an art curator, then determining the authenticity of a painting is not something you can learn just by picking up a book.There are the cases wherein the total cost of the product in question is so expensive, that the cost of hiring a professional would be far less than the amount you might lose if the product in question turns out to be a fake. While this rule often applies to classic works of art, this can also apply to people purchasing historical objects or items with high modern cultural value (such as movie props).The good thing about these items is that they usually are accompanied by a signed certificate of authentication. This paper is very important and is recognized, honored and verified by a society of specialists in that related field. In fact, a member of that group might even be present when you make the transaction in order for you to verify that you are making the right purchase and for them to keep track of the ownership of rare items in their craft.Source: Free Articles from

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The Addage Also Applies to ShoppingAs people say: “the more the merrier”, that is so true. Whether you are a gal hanging out with your bossom buddies or a dude with his posse, there is just no beating the experience of enjoying the thrill of shopping with the company of your best buds. Friends after all compliment the act of shopping well.They know you, they know what you want and they will make the soundest, funniest and most interesting suggestions about what you know you need and what you did not realize that you would want.Be it in a clothing store, a book store or even a specialty hobby shop, their inputs and insights are certain to not only make your shopping experience worthwhile, but also very enlightening.Best Friends make Interesting Personal ShoppersIf you have been walking around the mall for hours unable to find anything you would like to buy for yourself, then a little help from your best friend may be just the thing for you. In fact, if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can ask your best buddy in the whole wide world to accompany you to the mall, give them a budget and ask them to pick anything that you should buy within price that they think will make you happy.This little shopping exercise is certain to not only be fun, but also to give you a little more insight into the way your friends see and think about you; in a way it will also let you get to know them a whole lot better too!Shopping with family is pretty much the same with friends, particularly when you are with your siblings. They can be the strangest, quirkiest and often most touching source of shopping suggestions you could ever find.This is because if they grew up with you, then they know you in a different light. They may not know you as well as your closest friends, but they are bound to know a few important things about you that you did not even realize. This is why it can be quite the experience when you shop with your siblings.Shopping for Your Friends and FamilyOn the flipside, you could also find yourself accompanying your friends or family on their own shopping experiences. In this case, just be yourself and enjoy the shopping experience. In this way you are able to help your friends and family in just the way they would want you. Just like them, you play a very special role in their lives and your views, opinions and thoughts about their shopping needs are reflected in this activity. Being in touch with your true nature will help you play that role better.The best part about shopping with your friends and family is that you can all buy things for each other. You can even turn it into a mini-gift giving activity where you all go out to buy something small and simple that you think the other person will like. Just like a souvenir, it does not have to be expensive, but simply a well thought of purchase. Who knows, this might even help you get to know and understand them a whole lot better too!Source: Free Articles from

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