Secrets To Traveling With Children.

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There are some wonderful secrets to traveling with children.

They are wonderful because they help you to plan how to make

the trip more uneventful and peaceful.

First and foremost remember that this vacation is for YOU! You

plan it and decide where you are going.

There are considerations youll want to include, such as: do

you want to sightsee or do the beach? Cruise or hike? Theme

parks or camper park?

Secondly, and probably most importantly, know what to expect.

Remember that the care-giving responsibilities you have when

you are at home wont magically disappear when you go on

vacation. There will still be the standard work tasks of

bathing, dressing, feeding, and running after children.

One thing to agree upon before leaving is the split of duties

between traveling partners so that there arent surprises

once you are gone.

When you consider a split of duties dont forget to include

the older children. Our 8-year-old loves helping with his

younger sister and the truth be told, not only does he not

mind helping, it makes him feel needed and older.

Thirdly, plan for help during the trip if you feel you may

need it.

For some people spending 100% of their time with the children

is heaven sent. For others, a much-needed respite once or

twice during a weeklong trip is just what the doctor ordered

for a refreshing holiday.

Investigate nanny services and interview them before traveling

to the area. Do you feel uncomfortable leaving the children

with a qualified stranger? Brainstorm with your travel

companion about how to address this issue. Is there family

available where you are traveling, or maybe family of friends?

Fourthly, understand that you may have to lose spontaneity,

especially with younger children.

However, youll gain more from seeing your destination through

the eyes of your children.

Spontaneity probably disappeared after the birth of your first

child but that shouldnt make your vacation boring and

predictable. Expect glitches and roll with the punches. Its

the glitches that make for great stories and laughter when you

return home.

Finally, its important to keep in mind some travel elements

as you take to the Rocky Mountains, the streets of New York or

the museums.

Children are veritable sponges, absorbing information, even

when you cant believe theyve heard a word youve said! The

world is their classroom.

As a homeschool mom to four beautiful children I can assure

you that incorporating learning into vacation isnt nearly as

scary or overwhelming as you might think.

Traveling is one of the best ways to enhance your childs

education. Its hands on, its visual, its auditory, and

kinesthetic (touchy/feely) all at the same time.

Children will absorb much more information than you might

think, even when they are complaining loudest. And best of

all, you dont have to travel to exotic places or spend a lot

of money for children to enjoy themselves.

Another secret I learned is that by traveling with our children

(and not for our children) we opened up a whole new world for

them. Their imaginations took over while experiencing new

topographies, historiesFind Article, climates and cultures. It made

learning real to them and showed up for months in their

reading interests and reports.

Our children also learn to handle glitches in our travel plans

by watching and learning from us.

When we hit the inevitable traffic jam on the highway or our

flights are delayed do we throw a fit or sit back patiently

and make lemonade from lemons?

Can we laugh in the face of adversity and keep going or do

we angrily pout and make everyone around us miserable?

How we handle ourselves is a clue as to how our children will

also handle themselves.

Happy travels!



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