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1.Develop a vision of your ideal life. Include all parts of your life including your work/career, family, friends, lifestyle, spiritual endeavors, personal growth, leisure etc. As you move toward being a free agent let your vision draw you forward.

2.Know what your strengthsComputer Technology Articles, talents and skills are. These will be the basis of the offer you make to your clients/customers or employer. Develop a use for your talents that is unique and exciting to you. Be able to articulate the value of your offer clearly to others.

3.Have a learning plan to fill in the gaps and broaden your offer. Watch the trends to ensure your skills remain relevant.

4.Volunteer to do projects that showcase your talents.

5.Find a mentor or coach to help you.

6.Make a list of EVERYONE you know and put his or her information into a contact management program.

7.Make the effort to meet new people and add them to your contact management program.

8.Stay in touch with your network of contacts continuously. Keep them informed of what you are doing.

9.Begin by finding ways to create opportunities to do this work at home or part time. If you work for someone else this may mean moonlighting or freelancing.

10.Develop a “How can I help you?” attitude. Act as a referral agent for other free agents and then ask them to do the same for you.

personal life Photo
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