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We eat
when we feel hungry. We eat when we feel like eating something. Many people
like fast food, but as we all know it is rubbish. We should eat in a healthy
way if we want to keep healthy. As we all know that daily diet has much to do
with our health. But do you know some food is influencing your health in
silence? Let me give you some advice.

with other fruit and vegetables, mushroom is a good source of protein.  Scientific research tells us that there are
more than 30% of proteins in it. Meanwhile, various vitamins and rich minerals
like calcium and iron can be easily found. And most importantly, there exists
eight necessary kinds of aminophenol that the human body cannot compose. It is
helpful in strengthening the immune system. Under the sunshine, some substances
peculiar to mushrooms will be converted to vitamin D, which can improve the
immunity after being absorbed by the human body. Furthermore, mushroom works as
a stimulus of interferon. The interferon, as we know, is able to kill the
bacteria and prevent us from having a cold. In addition, it is useful for people
on diet. There is so much nutrition like vitamins and proteins, but the
nutrition is low-calorie. Moreover, the dietary fibers and vitamin C can
promote metabolism and reduce the cholesterol in blood.


Egg is an
ordinary type of food, but it brings us health. It has four functions. First of
all, the lecithin, triglyceride, cholesterol and lututrin in eggs play an important role in the development of the nervous
system and can slow down the memory impairment. Secondly, a massage with boiled
eggs can relax the nerves and muscles of the face and accelerate blood
circulation to promote the ingestion of nutrition. It is a simple but effective
way to make your skin beautiful. Thirdly, eggs make people energetic. People would
feel depressed and lazy if the human body is in lack of vitamin B2. An egg or
two a day keeps you energetic. Last but not least, the egg yolk can help
compose vitamin H. The habit of eating egg white only would consume more vitamin
H and even worse your skin.    


Fish is also influencing to some extent our health. There
is a particular kind of fatty acid in fish, having a lot to do with happiness. So
if you feel depressed, you can eat fish purposefully. The magnesium and boron
in fish can clam people and relax the physical body. And fish is the gospel of
smokers. It aminophenol can prevent the arteriosclerosis. If you are a heavy
smoke and do not want to kick the bad habitBusiness Management Articles, please eat more fish. 

If several meal sizes are available, always pick the smallest one. A hamburger and three beef patties have seventy grams of fat and about 1,000 calories while a children`s size hamburger lets you eat only about 300 calories. You are better off choosing the children’s size hamburger.

You may save about 300 calories if you give up the regular French fries or onion rings portion size, and take smaller portions. Or, instead of French fries, chose a baked potato or a salad with low-fat dressing. Other healthy choices at fast food restaurants include fruits, yogurt, steamed rice, apple or orange slices, baked potato chips, or corn.

Don`t avoid vegetables at fast foods. You may have an entrée salad with chicken, shrimp or garden vegetables with low-fat dressing. This choice may help you save 300 calories per packet. Avoid as much as possible salads with deep-fried shells, cheese, croutons, fried chips, bacon bits, or breaded chicken.

On the other hand, you may have grilled or roasted turkey or chicken breast, lean roast beef, or lean ham. Always ask for reduced-fat mayonnaise for your sandwich. If you`re at a Mexican fast food restaurant, ask for salsa instead of nacho cheese sauce or shredded cheese. Avoid tartar sauce, high-calorie condiments, special dressings, and sour cream. To read the rest of this article, go to Project Weight Loss, an online weight loss community featuring calorie counter, carbs counter, BMI calculator, diet planner, workout planner and other weight loss tools. (c) Project Weight Loss 2007. All rights reserved.

healthy food Photo
By dbreen from Pixabay

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