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As adults, most of us know the value of photographs.  They are great reminders of our pasts.  Well, it follows, then, that it’s a good idea to teach our children the value of them, also.  Luckily, there are many great ways to do that.  They come in the form of photo books for children.Thanks to the digital age, it’s now easier than ever before to create unique photo books to share with family and friends or to give as gifts.  It’s so easy, in fact, that, with just a little help from us, our children can create their own photo books.  Here are some of the many ways that they could go about the process.Themed Books:One thing that your children could enjoy is creating themed photo books.  For example, they might want to create a birthday photo book showing pictures of them on each of their birthdays.  They might decide, instead, to focus on just their most current birthday and include pictures of all of the things they did and people they saw on that day.Another popular them for children, as far as photo books go, is sports.  Lots of kids enjoy sports and most have one particular favorite sport.  They could include pictures of themselves and their friends participating in whatever their favorite sports activity is.Story Books:Another possibility is that you could have a very creative child that is constantly telling stories.  If so, challenge them to make their stories come to life in photo books.  Here’s how:First, get them to choose a few of their favorite toys to be in the story, such as a toy fire engine or a stuffed teddy bear.  Then, have them position the toys in different ways to create scenes for their story.  Snap a picture of each scene.  Then, upload the photos to the computer and sit down with your child to add captions to each photo.  Then, you’ll have a story book created almost entirely by your child that the entire family can enjoy.Teaching With Photo Book Creations:Next, remember that photo books are, first and foremost, fun.  They can have other purposes, though.  For example, if your child has trouble with numbers, you can have them create a counting photo book.  You can even mix in basic concepts, like addition or subtraction.  All it takes is some photos of objects around the house in different amounts. For instance, the child might choose 1 teddy bear, two bowls, three hats and so on.  All of the objects can have a theme, if the child chooses, such as all foods or all toys, too.As you can see, there are many ways to make photo books fun for children.  There are many ways to make them educational, too.  So, the next time your child is looking for a project to do, grab your camera and get them started on any one of these great photo booking ideas,Source: Free Articles from

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It is a good time to sit back and think a bit about our lives, our families and our children as the new year begins. With a little effort take time to step back and get perspective on our children’s strengths, charms and joys.

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