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The early years of a child’s life are
critical to his or her development, which means that it’s important
to integrate early childhood education into your routine as soon as

Why Early
Childhood Education is Important

Most people already know that what they
teach their children from a young age will certainly bear an impact
on the individuals they will end up being later on. However, most
people don’t realize how important it is to start educating their
children academically from a young age.

A child who simply gets
thrown into the education system without any prior preparation will
not only have some catching up to do, he or she will also have
motivational problems when it comes to learning.

If you want your children to take a
liking to education, to easily progress through the school system
while hungering for more knowledge, then you will have to start
educating them from a young age.

Contrary to what some people
believe, early education is about much more than simply giving
children a head start once they get into school. The point of it is
to adapt them to the process of learning from a very young age so
that they will not only absorb knowledge easier and faster, but they
will also feel motivated to do so.

How Should One Handle Early Childhood

Well, unless you are a teacher or have
experience educating very small children, you will probably require
some assistance on this one. Luckily, there are various resources
available to you such as parent support groups and websites that are
there to help guide you through the process.

However, even knowing
how to teach your child is not enough; you need to know what to
teach, and when to teach it… this is where early education programs
come in.

Indeed, there are many different early
education systems and programs that have been designed by experts to
give your children a solid base of knowledge. Naturally, your help
and supervision will be required with those systems, but they
basically cover what you need to teach and in which order… all you
need to do now is find an approach which your child is going to like.

My Recommendation for an Early
Childhood Education System

As I’ve always been a bit more
old-school, my choice in this situation rests with a time-tested
product that only keeps progressing further: Hooked on Phonics. Some
of you may even remember hearing about this brand many years ago,
which is not surprising considering that a variety of Hooked on
Phonics products have been released over the past couple of decades
(since 1987).

When it comes to finding a trustworthy authority in the
field of early educationFind Article, Hooked on Phonics has always proven to be
proper choice.

The reason they could not remember the traumatic events of their childhood is because the child or children within, who suffered the abuse, did not feel safe in revealing the abuse. These unconscious inner parts were protecting the person from reliving the horrible pain of the past. These inner children knew that the adult self did not have the strength to learn about and manage the information and the feelings.

In order to remember and heal traumatic events from the past that are affecting you today, you need to have a strong and loving Adult self who is capable of managing emotional pain. Without this loving inner Adult, you may get so flooded and overwhelmed with the feelings of traumatic memories that you cannot function.

The gentle, transformational Inner Bonding process that we teach is a process for developing this strong, loving Adult self. The loving Adult is the aspect of us that is connected with a powerful and loving Source of spiritual guidance – whatever this is for you. Learning and practicing the Inner Bonding process develops your ability to connect with your personal Source of spiritual guidance. It is your connection with your guidance that gives you the strength to manage the intensely painful feelings of childhood abuse.

Once the inner children who hold the memories feel safe that there is a loving Adult self who is capable of managing the feelings, you will start to remember your past. As these memories come up, you will begin to understand the conclusions you drew about yourself that are currently causing your pain. Almost all children who have been abused draw erroneous conclusions about themselves as a result of the abuse – false beliefs such as, “I’m not important.” “I have no worth.” “I am just an object for others’ use.” “I am not lovable.” “I should never have been born.” “I would be better off dead.” “I don’t deserve love.” “I am a bad person.” It is these beliefs that are causing your present pain.

Healing from childhood abuse is not just about remembering the past. It is about remembering the very good reasons you had for drawing the conclusions that are currently causing you such pain. It is about gently and lovingly acknowledging what happened that led to your present beliefs that are now limiting you. It is about learning how to access the truth from your spiritual source so that you can move out of lies that you are telling yourself that are causing your current pain.

Most of us learn to treat ourselves based on how we were treated and how our parents or caregivers treated themselves. When your parents abused you, they were also not taking loving care of themselves and were not role modeling loving self-care. As long as you treat yourself the way your parents or other caregivers treated you and themselves, you will suffer. Healing from childhood abuse is about developing your loving Adult self so that you can learn to treat your inner child or inner children the way you always wanted to be treated.

You CAN fully heal from childhood abuse, but only through learning to access and bring into your being the love, truth, wisdom and strength of your spiritual guidance. Through learning and practicing the Inner Bonding processHealth Fitness Articles, you will discover the incredibly beautiful and perfect essence within you – the part of you that was never damaged by the abuse. This is your true Self that will emerge as you heal the false beliefs of your wounded self. This is what will happen as you develop your loving Adult self through learning and practicing the Inner Bonding process.

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