Nendaz: Superb Swiss Skiing for the Whole Family

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For easy travel and swift ski transfers, Geneva airport is the gateway to the best family-friendly ski holidays in Nendaz.

Nendaz ski resort offers a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, amazing off piste skiing and plenty of classes designed for every age and ability range. The resort’s child-friendly amenities and care facilities are superb and have earned the area a “Families Welcome” award and designation. Every feature at the resort is designed around keeping travelling with children easy and fun, from comfortable accommodation to no-headache ski transfers. Geneva airport is only a 2 hour scenic shuttle ride away making Nendaz an easily accessible family holiday destination that both parents and children will adore.

A Swiss Fairyland

Nendaz is set in the heart of the Four Valleys Ski Area and is considered the smaller, less hectic version of its big brother Verbier. The modern Nendaz has grown up around the charming traditional mountain village of Valais and still retains many authentic features. The picturesque village also commands stunning views of the Bernese, Valais and Vaud Alps and some of the best off-piste skiing in the area. Nendaz has been recognised for its excellent children’s programme and facilities.

There are numerous child-care establishments suitable for younger children, as well as playgrounds, buggy-accessible pathways, toy hire, and even indoor arts and crafts sessions. Everything in the resort is geared around easing the difficulties of travelling with children including ski equipment rentals and swift ski transfers. Geneva airport shuttles can be pre-booked and are affordable and efficient so there is less need for the “are we there yet?” questions and complaints!

Great Things in Pint Sizes

Nendaz’s superb children’s recreation facilities ensure that younger children are both safe and entertained with and without their parents by their side. One of the resort’s most appealing aspects is their great track record of teaching very young children the joy and skills required to become proficient skiers at an early age. Nendaz excels in this area due to its numerous highly skilled instructors but also the fact that many of the skiing and learning facilities are scaled down and especially designed to accommodate children.

The Beginners Park is the best place for young children to experience snow and skiing for the first time. Specialised equipment, in miniature sizes, includes:

Other features of the resort also accommodate those travelling with young children. Many of the family-friendly restaurants have playgrounds adjacent to them or offer entertainment for children so that everyone can enjoy their meals together. Families are able to organise and personalise the levels of childcare they need while on holiday. Many inclusive ski holidays offer either babysitters, nannies or drop-in childcare services, allowing parents to have a little more independence and free time to enjoy the slopes.

How To Get There

Nendaz has a well-deserved reputation as a top family-friendly ski resort. The area’s natural beauty is instantly appealing to all age ranges and the relaxed atmosphere is palpable. Part of the resort’s success is its ease of access and transportation options.

Flights to Geneva from most UK airports are affordable and frequent. Many families take advantage of the super efficient and well-organised ski transfers Geneva airport has on offer. Shuttles are best if pre-arranged, and usually only take about two hours to transport you and your family comfortably from the airport to the resort itself. Once you arrive in NendazScience Articles, your whole family is well on their way to an awesome snow-filled family holiday that will set the bar for future ski breaks together!





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