Juicing Tips for Kids

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f you are concerned that your kids are not getting a balanced diet and don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals that they need, maybe juicing is the answer. Although some children love to eat fruits and vegetables, many just don’t want to eat them. Kids don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is the taste of the vegetables or the difference in sugar content in the fruits versus candy and desserts. Many times they won’t even try the different vegetables because they have preconceived notions that they will taste bad.

The reasons why they won’t eat fruits and vegetables don’t matter. What really matters is that they should consume vegetables and fruits to ensure a healthy, well balanced diet. A parent’s sometimes difficult job is to get them to eat the types of foods they need for healthy growth and development.

Often parents will supplement their child’s diet with nutritional drinks and vitamins. These are good for some of the trace vitamins and maybe protein that your child may need. However, nutritional supplements are greatly lacking in the high end naturally occurring enzymes and phytonutrients that are vital to maintaining health.

Think again when thinking that a multi-vitamin is better than eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Though multi-vitamins can also offer minerals and vitamins, they still can’t replace the real fruits and vegetables. The enzymes that come from fruit and vegetable juices actually help the body to absorb, digest, and put all those minerals and vitamins to use in the body.

Enzymes are the key to a healthy digestive system. Having a healthy digestive system means that we can absorb the most nutrition out of the foods we eat. Eating raw vegetables and fruits allows these enzymes to be released into the digestive system in their natural form. One of the best and easiest ways to consume a variety of different fruits and vegetables is by juicing.

Juicing allows all of the raw food benefits to remain intact. As well as being easier to consume than eating raw fruits and vegetables, it can taste better too. Children who are offered a yummy juice that tastes sweet are more likely to drink it, than they would be to eat the same items if they had to just eat them. With juicing, a parent can “hide” nutrient rich foods inside a delicious juice drink.

Juicing with your kids can be a fun and creative way to get your children to “drink” their vegetables and fruits. Allowing them to create their own juice by giving them choices of what to juice is a great way to get them involved. Children who are involved in the making of food are more likely to try them and then like the food, or juice in this matter. Challenging them by “let’s see what happens when we put in this green spinach” might get them to give it a chance. They also love watching the vegetable go into the machine and come out a cool colored juice.

Giving them healthy choices and teaching them about nutrition is important. Juicing is a great way to teach them and to allow them to become involved in their own health. Children learn by what they seeArticle Search, so make sure you are enjoying the juices right along with them.


Water activity holidays for families require some advance planning . Our packing list will help you plan your next sailing adventure with the kids.

Sailing activity holidays for families are the perfect way to bring the family together while enjoying quality time out on the water. Little sailors will jump at the chance to spend a day playing captain at sea and adults will find the perfect balance between relaxing and play time with the kids. We’ve a list of essentials you will want to pack for your sailing trip to supplement those that the sailing charter will already have on board.


Ensure each person on board has a life jacket that fits well. Life jackets are a non-negotiable issue for all on board and should be worn at all times.

Sailing can be a blast, even with toddlers. If you have a little one in tow, bring along a car seat to have a place where a child can sit securely, especially if the adults are needed to handle the boat at any time. Parents may also feel comfortable bringing along a child harness, to keep small children within arm’s reach on deck. Some sailing charters can also provide a child net around the boat during sailing activity holidays for families. A portable high chair can also be good for active toddlers to have a convenient and familiar place to eat.


At least a couple of changes of swimwear for each person will be needed and long-sleeved sun suits are ideal for small children to protect arms and legs from sunburn. A wide-brimmed sun hat with chin strap, UV protected sunglasses and high SPF sunblock will be necessary for each child on board, as the sun’s rays will reflect off the surface of the water and burn skin more easily than on land. Apply more sunblock than usual and don’t forget to reapply in between swims.

Some other clothing items to pack for your children include casual summer wear, deck shoes or flip flops, a sweatshirt or jumper for cool nights or windy days and a waterproof sailing jacket in the event of rain. Many families are taken by surprise when they discover that warm, dry clothing is just the thing on a sailing trip.


Kids are generally happier when they are busily occupied during any activity holidays. For families who want to take time to kick back as well, it is best to bring some additional entertainment items for the kids, such as books, colouring books and crayons, bubbles, and board games. Of course, a sailing trip wouldn’t be complete without the chance for the whole family to see what lives under the water’s surface, so pack snorkels, masks and fins.

Food and Drink

Spending a day out on the water can leave the family feeling famished, so pack some delicious, prepared food, lots of water and juices, and favourite snacks packed in coolers with ice.


If you family will be sailing alone, ensure you have a copy of any Sail Boat Manual, as well as a phone number in case of emergency. Don’t forget a phone charger (solar is best in the sun) for your phone.

Lastly, pack some beach towels, insect repellent, biodegradable soap, after-sun lotion, spray water bottle to keep cool, and medication in the event of motion sickness (or motion sickness wristbands as an alternative). Remember to capture those special moments with a camera (and waterproof case)Free Reprint Articles, a must for any activity holidays for families.

Bon voyage!


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