Is Sleep Your New Sex?

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The romantic side of a relationship is often trumped by a need for sleep. Parents don’t want to talk openly about this topic, but I can assure you that many are experiencing this problem.

Let’s face it….kids are EXHAUSTING.  And the romantic side of a relationship is often trumped by a need for sleep.

Parents don’t want to talk openly about this topic, but I can assure you that many are experiencing this problem.  It’s extremely common for tired parents to opt for sleep over love making.  While you might feel guilty saying “Not tonight honey” it doesn’t change a thing.  You’re still not interested.

And, lack of sleep doesn’t just affect your sex life. 

Tired parents have fewer coping skills, are more irritable and are more easily frustrated than well rested ones.  This can have a domino effect on the family.  Kids act up, parents get cranky, kids act up more, and parents get even crankier.  And the relationship can suffer too.  Partners can feel resentful which can morph into anger. 

So, for all the parents who don’t want sleep to be their new sex, here are some tips for helping them get the rest they need:

Getting enough sleep is critical for parents.  Proper rest is not just good for your mood, your immune system and your sanityArticle Submission, but proper sleep makes you feel human again!!


It can be fun to take a look at how the planets may be able to describe family personalities.  Is the child like Neptune and yet the parent more like Saturn? 

Parents often wonder when they have more than one child, how different the personalities are.  Many professionals differ over what most influences our personalities, nature vs. nurture.  With that in mind, it might be fun to take a look at how the planets may affect us prior to being born.

Astrologers believe that the planets in our solar system have much to do with our individual personalities.  Some believe that the planets themselves affect our personality by either gravity or some unknown force the planets possess.  Others believe that the basic patterns of the universe repeat itself, therefore mirroring human personality and planets.  Whether or not you believe in that, it is fascinating to see what planet you most closely resemble. 

Sun  …  The Sun represent the personal expression, creativity, the conscious ego, personal power, pride and authority, leadership guidelines, health and vitality, and the life force.  Basically, the sun is for the creative and powerful people.

Moon …  The Moon represents unconscious habits, memories and moods, rhythms, emotional make-up, natural instincts of a mother, and the ability to act and react to those around them.

Mercury …  Mercury represents principals of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, adaptivity, and rationality. 

Venus …  Venus represents beauty, balance, affection, romance, harmony, sympathy, arts, fashion, and life.  Venus is thought of being very feminine.

Mars  …  Mars represents confidence, aggression, strength, energy, ambition and impulses.  Mars is thought of being for the very athletic and competitive people.

Jupiter …  Jupiter is growth, expansion, prosperity and fortune, inner sense of justice and mercy.

Saturn …  Saturn represents limitation, restrictions, practicality, boundaries, and reality.

Uranus  …  Uranus represents genius, individuality, new ideas, electricity, and inventions.  This would definitely be Einstein’s planet.

Neptune  …  Neptune is illusion, fantasy, creativity in arts and music, sensitivity, imagination, altered mental state and confusion and deception with religion and spirituality.

Pluto  …  Pluto is considered a “great renewer” representing the part of a person that destroys in order to renew, power and personal mastery.

For fun, take a look at your close family members.  What planet would you ascribe to each of your parents?  What about your siblings?  Which planet would most likely describe you and your spouse?  Now, how about the kids?

Again, for fun, do you see parts of your personalities in your children and parts from the co-parent?  Or, are they more leaning to one or the other of you?

Kids are a product of their parents, both genetically and by the nature and nurture of the relationship.  But, wouldn’t it be great if we could lay blame on the planets for the part of our personalities that are not so admirable?

Of course, we want to take credit for all of the complimentary aspects of our personalities, as well as our children’s.  After all, we nurtured those qualities until we were blue in the face. 

So, the next time you are having a proud moment for your child’s behavior, pat yourself on the back!  You did a good job!  But, when are having one of those moments that you would like to hide your head in the sand throughFree Web Content, blame it on the planets!

Please note:  This article is meant for humor and introspection.  It by no means should be taken as anything other than its intention.


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