Is it safe for my normal child to mix with children with special needs?

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This question in my opinion is most common. I won’t say natural because it is ourconditioned response. When we got conditioned to have an opinion about ‘specialneeds children’ we may not remember. That is not important also.The important thing to remember is there is obvious or subtle sense of REJECTIONthat gets programmed in our minds when we witness a child with special needs.Let’s meet this squarely.What is the thought when we encounter a baby with special needs? Sense of pity,indifference or it could be anything but not total acceptance. The apparent in a child with special needs is not agreeable.But it is apparent. As it is in most of the cases what appears and is real are not same.So what is the possible approach to follow?My child is the father of the man called Dr Atul that is me and I observed that when my child was in the vicinity of a child with special needs he taught me something.My quality: I was teachableSo I noticed that:· From the word go my child was in total acceptance of this child.· Did not gave any signals of he having noticed something strange.· He was his usual self moving around comfortably.· This child was no threat to be in his space.In spite of knowing let me admit that I had 1% concern as to what would be the effect of this child on my baby.And soon I came to this realization that it was my projection. Noting of my projection, I got to observe as a response from my child.The autistic child was his own self and my child was his own self.The insight:· Child is vast and all inclusive like universe· What it appears is not real· Our senses as adults do not allow us to be just receivers and witness every newopportunity as thing to experience and learn; children do.· We have what we call prejudices and that stops us short from being a life timelearners. Children are clean slates with no minds (known past) it would begreat to leave them like that.· Wrong or right of our notions are not the realistic perceptions but recordingsin our own head. The voices which are not our own, although we feel them tobe our own.· It would be great if we can have childlike pure and transparent eyes to see thethings as they are.· They will give us a new opening to the world out their and wisdom is likely todawn in us.· We need to trust in our child’s choices and abilities and at least let himexperience the world in our presence without intervention and that is essentialbecause whenever we intervene we would bring in our limited point of view.· It is worthwhile to ask the child directly or indirectly what he thinks before weconclude.· Children can decide well for themselves· We need to observe their responses and then may be we would be in a positionto decide for them.The autistic child has a different look but it is simple different.He looses his balance while walking but just because his coordination is notdeveloped or should I say not allowed enough to develop (out of concern)He appears to be fidgety but he just wants to explore as any child would want.He has the same deepest need as a human being he needs to be touched, loved and appreciated.His brain although little injured, also operates on the same principle ‘use it or loose it’. So because he is not appearing to be usual or the world doesn’t seem to be approving much of him, it is not a great idea to keep his resources untapped.In fact giving adequate stimulations in terms of learning opportunities is the key.And the world knows MIRACULUS recoveries with brain injured children.I love you all those children with special needs…….Source: Free Articles from

Dr Atul Abhyankar is working with parents and children since more than a decade now. He has been primarily working on the approach to education.His articles have been published regularly in local famous news papers.He is successfully running a program on parenting ‘Genius Babies Joyous Parents’, along with his partner Dr Arti.   


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