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Indians are known as foodies. With the
blend of so many cultures in the country, the food is also influenced by it.
Therefore, it comes as no surprise that India has some of the best culinary
experts. Adding to this the eating out culture that has come up in the society
has resulted in the opening up of many Indian food restaurants. In recent
times, it has been observed that there has been a rise of restaurants serving Rajasthani food. Some
serve thali while others hold food festivals.

Each region is known for its peculiar taste.
There are several factors that contribute to the making of the cuisine that is
region specific. Shortage of water and the availability of fresh green
vegetable is the main factor that has made Rajasthani cuisine what it is today.
This food is predominantly vegetarian though there are some meat dishes which
are famous as well. The food is quite spicy too. Ghee is a very important
ingredient in this cuisine. Due to the water scarcity milk, buttermilk and curd
is used as a substitute for water in the food preparations. Due to the lack of
fresh green vegetables in this area, legumes, lentils and pulses are used on a
large scale. People here make various types of chutneys from locally available
spices like turmeric, coriander, mint and garlic.

The eating habits of the people in this
state differ from caste to caste. The Vaishnavas follow Lord Krishna and hence
are vegetarian. The Bishnois is a community which believe in conserving plants
as well as animals. So the ingredients that they use are different from those
of typical vegetarians. Most of the Rajputs are vegetarian. Then you have the
Jain who are vegetarians and do not eat after sunset. The Marwai community that
is present here are vegetarian but their cooking style differs from the rest.


Some of the dishes that make this cuisine
so popular are bajre ki khichdi which is a simple preparation of rice and
lentils. Sometime vegetable like cauliflower, green peas and potatoes are added
too. Kalakand which is a dessert that is prepared from solidied sweetened milk.
It is sometimes known as milk cake as well. Besan ki chakki is a traditional
Rajasthani sweet dish that is prepared from gram flour. This food item is
mostly cooked during weddings and other special occasions. Dal bati churma is a
lovely preparation made out of dal which is made of lentil, bati which is baked
wheat balls and choorma which is a sweet cereal powder. This cusine includes
some scrumptious snacks as well. Some of them are mirchi vada which is a spicy
snack which made out of chilli and potato stuff. It is usually served with
tomato or tamarind chutney. When we are talking about Rajasthani snack how can
pyaz ki kachori be left out? It is a fried snack which is known for its flavour
and texture. Last but definitely not the leastFeature Articles, this region is famous for rabdi
which is made out of milk and sugar. It is flavoured by cardamom and garnished
with dry fruits.

Now-a-days people are keen to try different
cuisines. With new Indian food restaurants coming up we
do not need to travel to different regions to get a taste of their cuisine.
Some of the five star hotels do host Rajasthani
food festival
. The responses that these people have received have
encouraged restaurateurs to open restaurants serving this authentic cuisine.


Disruptions in the food supply can be caused by a number of factors:


Economic downturn

Erratic weather-Natural disasters

Contamination of food supplies


Disruptions in transportation

Social unrest

Acts of terrorism

Preparing for a disaster will reduce fear, anxiety, and losses. This
means having your own food, water, and other supplies in sufficient
quantities to last for an extended period of time. If you don’t prepare
beforehand, you may be dependent solely on relief organizations and the
government.  In a major emergency, it may be as long as 9 days before
emergency services can reach you.  A recent example is New Orleans
residents after Hurricane Katrina. 

Start with a minimum of three days of emergency food and water.  Add
to your inventory as your budget and space to store items permits.

 Food Storage Guidelines


Water is more essential than food in sustaining life. Store a
minimum of seven gallons of water per person for drinking and food
preparation. Store an additional seven gallons per person of the same
quality water for bathing, brushing teeth, and dish-washing. Use heavy
plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Metal containers, which may
corrode, tend to give water an unpleasant taste.

 If you have any doubt as to the bacterial safety of stored water,
you may purify it by boiling vigorously for one to two minutes or by
adding chlorine bleach (5 percent sodium hypochlorite solution).
Generally, half a teaspoon of bleach will purify five gallons of clear
water, and one teaspoon will purify five gallons of cloudy water. If
you store it away from sunlight in clean containers, and if it is safe
bacterially at the time of storage, water will remain pure indefinitely.

Mistakes to Avoid

No single food storage plan will work for everyone. Each family’s
needs differ.  The most important thing is to start storing just a few
items today and add a little more each month.


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