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funny kids Photo
By Lunesse from Pixabay

Do you always love to watch some of the funniest pictures
that you can find online? While most people handle their personal work and
shopping online there are many people that would love to keep themselves
entertained in different ways. If you are passionate about watching and
uploading some really funny pictures then you need to look out for sites that
can offer you better pictures and also offer easy ways to upload the picture
that you have. There are many sites that have funny pictures posting option but
you need to look out for the right ones that really work.

In the last few years, the demand for funny pictures has
grown all over the world and many people love to checkout some really
interesting and funny pictures that can keep them in good frame of mind. So,
why do people look out for more such sites that can help them to find funny
pictures. Well, to be honestHealth Fitness Articles, millions of people today live stressful life and
they often get very little time at work to de-stress and get back to work. Most
people believe that watching funny pictures is a better way to get rid of all
the stress and tension at work because you can always open up such sites in
another window on the browser and keep going through it without any issues.
This allows people to stay calm and they can enjoy these pictures even while
they are working at their office or when they are watching it through their
smartphones while they are in bus or train commuting back home.

There are some funny pictures that are genuinely true but
there are some pictures that are edited through various picture editing
software. Many people love to try their skills on such programs and therefore
they make sure that they come up with better ideas that can allow them to make
pictures funny and get some fame online. You can look out for sites like funny fails where you can get the opportunity
to watch some funny pictures posted by
millions of people and users online.


It is really simple to become funnier than you are today. Before I continue, I shall tell you how great psychologists explain why your friends find some things funny. I am sure that there are times we catch on things we have not known of, at those times, the mind connects the neural cells by creating a new ”route” between the two them.This route what we call a synapse and it works like this:If we, say think about food, and we recollect that avocados are food, then the brain constructs a connection (synapse, which gets thicker) between the neurons that acquire the data we have on food and those with this fruit. Later on, when you think of food, chances are you’ll be thinking about apples. You’re probably thinking, what does that have to do with me getting funnier? But, it’s pretty much all about it, it’s actually the way humor works.Everything begins with another person telling you a short, yet common story. Stand-up comedians call this a setup. You should now be thinking about the story you’ve heard in a certain way. Your brain should now be creating routes from the setup, that you’ve recently heard to the most suiting punch-line. What you’re going to hear, won’t be the punch-line you imagined, but a completely different one, which will make you laugh. If by any chance you still don’t get this, the next example should be helpful.The Setup:What is the most satisfying thing next to being shot at and missed?The Punch-line:An income tax refund.How different was the punch-line you thought of? Surely, you would’ve said it was either a Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian in the driver’s seat. It’s natural, as our brain works that way. You’ve noticed that the punch line is totally different than what you have expected it to be. This is important as it’s in fact the basic principle of humor.The most important thing is a good setup. The best comedians will always tell you the setup in a way that will leave you with many possible punch-lines to think of. The more you think that your punch-line is the most suitable one, the more you’ll laugh when you hear the actual one. In case you have already heard the joke, it will probably not be as funny, simply because your brain knows the punch-line, therefore it won’t create any new routes.This article should be useful if you want to create new pranks. When a man tells a story that everyone thinks about in the same way, but you figure out a different way to understand it. Now, if you tell this to others, it should be very funny.

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funny kids Photo
By RalfDesign from Pixabay

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