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Our School and College management software “IFCON School Pro” is developed to manage your institution. This is one attempt to make the overall school management experience and collaboration as easy and effortless as possible. We tried to fill up the communication gap between teachers or administrator and parents. With a web access and mobile application for iPhone, iPad and your Android device, now collaboration is much more easier. Parents, students or teachers can also login on web interface or on their mobile app to keep update of their assigned tasks and communications.



Education is a backbone to every nation. Technology plays an important role in streamlining the whole system of education. Today’s school need to manage more information than ever before. They need to keep each and every record of the internal infrastructure for teachers, administrators and departments to share data, school and students information. To be in competitive, school needs to take a simple and easy step. That can run individual function and connect their entire operation. By simply installing our web based school management software present by IFCON.

It’s a web based infrastructure especially designed for schools and colleges for improving their, skill set level requirements, resources, parents-teachers- students interaction, security and stability. User just need to implement  the web based school management software and be tension free because in this software we have installed activities  such as examination process, fee payment, student attendance, library usage, news management, notice board and event management. It provides web based interaction between parents, teachers and students.

System overview:

School Management



Records Management



Operational Management:




 Interaction and Communication:



 Technology Used


Scalability is very important for any system. Our web based school management software is capable of growing in both in terms of slow manage growth and sudden change.


It is also capable in reliability and capable in dealing in every situation. Its easy to separately monitor presence and perform each component of system.


Security is also highly important for any system. It’s easy to fall any data into wrong hands. SoHealth Fitness Articles, high security is available for securing data.


For more assistance we will have great pleasure to help you. You can contact us on IFCON  to know more about our web based school management software you can also email us at sales[at]

Dear Mazda 3 owners, would you like to see how the hot new GA6151F Android 5.1 Mazda 3 Navigation looks like in a real car? she told today’s parents. You can buy Eonon Android Car DVD Player for your parents. 

Dear Mazda 3 owners, would you like to see how the hot new GA6151F Android 5.1 Mazda 3 Navigation looks like in a real car? Just feast your eyes on the 1st hand installation pictures from our fan Shane Warburton! You can see it fits like glove and makes his car prettier and more intelligent! Yes our fans always have quick hands and great passion for Eonon!


And you can also see how the latest Google map 9.21 runs on this latest GA6151F Mazda 3 Navigation with Multiple Destination Feature as follows, now a free camera provided for this unit, and quantity limited. Welcome to get it soon!


When she thought she was losing her mind, she recently discovered near the line of cars behind her child’s school, North Carolina area food trucks. “We all know that the car line is orderly and regulated place – do not touch, do not jump the queue, keep your eyes forward, maintain order? – Is a food truck,” she told the website via e-mail.


Demirel said that the reaction is positive, because the truck in the school so that parents either before or after entering the line to grab a cup of Joe rolled inches Fickling said the truck had “forever changed” in the morning waiting in line. “The first day I ordered coffee, I went to the car about 10 minutes before the line policing school started. I pull right up to the cute little truck and proudly walked over debit cards in hand,” she told today’s parents. You can buy Eonon Android Car DVD Player for your parents. 


Vauxhall Sat Nav GA5154F’s reviews: After ordering this position (I’ve opel zafira), I’ve been delivered 1 week after. I am very satisfied with this brand, they are professionals, the article complies with description.De more, I’ve had a lot of interrogations before and after my purchase online and I’ve had a highly responsive customer service. In short, I recommend this brand to everyone around me.


Today’s parents reported the truck and Gabriel Heather Demirel, who moved there five years ago from New Mexico, wanted in some way involved in the creation of community sideline. The desire to become a truck from Caffe Ole.


“My husband recently waiting in line to pick up our daughter to see all the cars just sitting there,” Rael said parents today. “He thought it would be nice to be able to get his car, get something to drink. He remembered when I was a teacher, I always wanted a place where I can get a good cup of coffee, so therefore the coffee truck at school.



Glad to tell you that some hot Android Car GPS Combo Units are Back in UK Stock, including C1501P & C1502P 2 Din Android 2 DIN Car Stereo, CA5154FP Opel Navi for Vauxhall/Opel, CA5153FP for VW and CA5161FP Android Car DVD Player for Ford. And the Vehicle Specific Android unit GA5198F for Mazda 6 & GA5177F Android Car DVD for Jeep are also back too!


And would you like to listen to the DAB+ radio on our unit at ease? Just get our new released V0054 DAB+ Box to match with our Android unit, then you can enjoy DAB+ radio anytime anywhere!


Btw, you’ll still get a FREE camera on any orders over 258GBP during the Rio 2016 Olympics, last few days left, just hurry up!


Most parents know the school car line minutiae. There are not many ways to improve the experienceFree Articles, but a North Carolina family is trying to help the coffee food trucks.


Android 2 DIN Car Stereo GA2114’s reviews: Brilliant unit and 48 hour shipping from China to Queensland Australia. this is my second unit from Eonon my first was the single din G1311 which after 3 years and 3 cars is still going strong with its new owner





parents Photo
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