Home Improvement: Small, but Mighty Projects

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If you know it is time to embark on a home improvement project, but
don’t see the need in starting a big renovation or remodeling project,
then start thinking details. When you look at your rooms, do you see
unnecessary clutter on the desk in the office? Perhaps the wall color in
the bedroom has begun to look a little drab. Look closely at the sofa.
Those stains are difficult to ignore.
This is where the real home improvement comes in. Sprucing up your
much-loved house and adding interesting detail to the rooms that already
exist. There are ways, like adding custom cabinetry, to improve a room
without changing it dramatically. For those people that enjoy their
rooms the way they are now, but want the joy of improving the look or
layout can find easy avenues of betterment.
For example, the clutter in your office could be easily cleaned up with
beautiful custom-built cabinets. The inherited antique desk would look
beautiful framed in matching wood shelving. The clutter that is not on
the desk easily gets transported to the shelves. You don’t lose
anything. In fact, you gain storage and turn what was once just an
office into a stunning library. All the books, papers and magazines that
are piled up on the floor and desk get a rightful place on the shelves
and cabinets.
Perhaps custom cabinetry is not right for your house, then start
thinking about color. Where can you improve on your room color? You may
be surprised to find multiple options around the house when you start
thinking creatively. One of the trendiest and most visually interesting
things to do with room paint right now is the highlight wall. Find a
wall in each room or in a few of your rooms to paint a bright
interesting color. For example, if you love the color green but know
that painting your entire kitchen green might be too much then just
paint one wall.
You would be surprised how much painting can change the look of your
hose and change your outlook as well. Home improvement doesn’t have to
mean big projects. In fact, if you don’t have time even for repainting,
you have another route you can take. Everyone loves shopping for the
house. Look around and make a list of how old some of your furniture
items are. Start replacing some of the oldest items, one at a time.
Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to replace everything at one. Just
replace items one at a time. This is a very easy and subtle way to
gradually improve your surroundings.
So, the next time you listen with envy to a friend talk about home
improvement, look around and think of all the small ways you can make
big changes to your environment.

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