Hearing Center – Screening For Impairment Throughout Childhood

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As an adult, you can choose to visit a hearing center to have your ears checked whenever you want, or never if you don’t feel any impetus to do so. But if you have children, that is another matter. Pediatric foundations have made it a priority to help parents, educators, and doctors know how important it is to identify and address ear problems early in life before impairment can take a toll on learning and development. Frequent screenings are important to make sure that no child has to live with undiagnosed impairment for long.NewbornsPediatric foundations around the country have long recommended that all newborns be checked as soon as possible. It is now mandatory in many states that the hospital conduct tests before the mother can take the baby home. If there is a failure, it should lead to some follow-up tests and evaluations for the next few months until doctors can be sure whether or not a problems exists. If so, the child can be treated or given assistive devices so that it does not contribute to a developmental delay.First 9 MonthsIf there is a problem detected in the newborn stage of life, or if the child is in a high-risk group for impairment, many specialists recommend a continued series of screenings over the first 9 months. These screenings may take place in a hearing center, a doctor’s office, or wherever the tests can be run. Up to 3 Years OldGenerally speaking, doctors advise that children who are otherwise healthy need only be screened during this time if there are circumstances that warrant it. Of course, those in a high risk category still need to be tested regularly. Once every six months should be sufficient. If your child isn’t exhibiting any signs of impairment, however, there should be no need to take him into a hearing center during this time.Throughout Childhood and AdolescenceChildren should be screened around the age of six, or at whatever age they begin school. Many schools advocate and even provide screenings for children once a year through the third grade and then again in the 7th grade and 11th grade. A hearing center may provide personnel to come into the school with audiometric tests which can determine if any child may be dealing with audible difficulties. If your child does test positive for impairment, it is essential to work quickly with your doctor to see that he gets the treatment or assistance he needs.

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