Diets an Unrealistic Approach to Lose Weight

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Diets help you lose weight by telling you just how much food you should eat irrespective of whether it is your favorite food or not. But then this is a short term process. Deliberately restricting yourself from eating food to lose weight is known as dieting. There are very few diets that really teach you about low fat cooking, low-calorie diet etc. Most of these diets encourage unhealthy restrictions and are not really safe. Diets don’t teach you to overcome your desire towards your favorite food nor do they teach you how to overcome your hunger thus making you lose your interest in losing your weight altogether. You lose heart every time you change your diet plan and end up gaining more weight rather than losing weight because you tend to eat more and more and exercise less and less causing you much frustration and depression. People all over the world have tried dieting some time or the other in their whole life as they feel that by dieting they can get the desired body shape, thus creating an unhealthy lifestyle full of physical and emotional imbalance.Due to strict diet regime you tend to ignore your mind which sends out signals of distress when your stomach is hungry and craving for food, thus harming your own body both physically as well as psychologically.Following strict diet regime you tend to lose your ability to eat in response to your own physical need, when your body finally goes against the wishes of your mind you feel guilty and defeated when you start gaining weight.Diets actually bring down your morale and self-esteem when you fail to follow the strict diet regime. These diet regimes are short termed as it becomes very difficult to follow them, as they drain you out both physically as well as emotionally. People who believe in diets end up with a poor unbalanced body without proper nutrition which are really harmful for the overall development of the body. Diets don’t really work so the best way to lose weight is eat small portions of food and exercise regularly.

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In a world which lives on processed food and quickly changing technology, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are extremely important to find harmony within the body and the soul, and achieve a sense of self-awareness and understanding

One of the keys to doing this lies in our approach to food, particularly by following an Ayurveda diet, which is primarily based on the principle of eating right according to our type, proper food combinations and incorporating the “six tastes” into our daily meal plans. There are many a yoga retreat and wellness center that try to teach natural healing of the body by incorporating advice on an Ayurveda diet. This is particularly so because there are so many benefits that an individual can reap from it and there are minimal, if any, side effects. For starters, eating well with Ayurveda can help an individual achieve their ideal weight. In Ayurveda, this is done with right eating and proper planning, rather than crash course diets that cause you more harm than good in the long run. It advises people to eat the right kind and amount of food according to their own personal constitution. An advanced yoga retreat may also combine an Ayurveda diet with formal yoga instruction, because this type of food supports yoga practice on a very basic, foundational level. Proper food makes the body feel light, so that during practice you are at your best. It is difficult, after all, to really focus on your practice or exercise when you feel sluggish and dull! This Ayurvedic approach to food is based on eating high-energy foods that support your particular body type (in Ayurveda, there are three main body types and four sub-types, each with their own best-performing diet). This diet also reduces obesity and promotes better blood circulation and an all-around healthy development of all the systems of the human body. This diet is also a detoxification method by default. By eliminating harmful toxins from your body, it allows the body to function at its most optimal level and reduces the damage done to your internal organs. Since ancient times, practitioners of Ayurveda have believed that following a well-planned Ayurvedic diet helps ignite the “agni” or “fire” inside the human body, meaning our capacity to digest food and assimilate nutrition. Therefore, once you start following this form of diet, not only will you find your system detoxified and purified, but you will also find a stronger digestive system that can more easily digest different types of food. A strong digestion system gives the body more energy to build immunity and fight off seasonalArticle Submission, environmental and age-related health issues more effectively.


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