Choosing the best stuffed animals to ensure your kid happiness

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A lot is said about stuffed animals. Yet, there is no doubt that these toys are fantastic companions for every kid. Some are gigantic while others are small. Some children like to cuddle with their stuffed toy and parents should accept this. The separation procedure will began later on.

The small kids are discovering and appropriating this new world that opens: set customs, relationship with peers, recognize their individuality and build its own space in this new world. In this process, creating a positive affective climate and the use of play are essential.

Additionally, the game in the school meets certain features different from the home game. Top experts explain, “the child in school learns to choose the game or stuffed animals, to keep his turn to watch others at play, learn and play in parallel, to defend their territory, to take the initiative, understand that the games are all or at least not anyone in particular, even learn to be valued by the adult through the game and also learn to value others and to value themselves through play and observation how to play the others.”

In this first cycle, it is a largely spontaneous play for the child, but at the same time, carefully planned from a curriculum project. Within this project, it can be set as objectives for the development of the ability to control the body, the development of perceptual and motor skills, handling, use of forms of communication and representation to express them, and so on. To this end, appropriate toys are balls and rolling objects, mobile with wheels, hoops, stilts, rope, stacking games, sand and water games, among others.

It seems advisable that these stuffed animals are organized in the corners of the game, for whose maintenance routines and habits are established for use, care of constituents, order. Towards the end of the cycle, these guidelines can be relaxed, providing freer access.

Kids should learn how to play with stuffed animals. Moreover, parents should encourage them on how to properly organize everything. In short, stuffed toys will do great to children. But, parents are supposed to set some rules. Failure to do so, may lead to bad future behavior. Do not forget that between 2 and 3 years the game appear symbolic representation of an object by others, in the classic “do as if.” This step represents an ideal framework for the educator will evaluate the progress of children in their different facetsHealth Fitness Articles, as well as the detection of motor delays difficulties or cognitive or affective.


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