Anti Aging Diet – The Perfect Food For Great Skin

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Many women spend hundreds of dollars on antiaging cream every year. However, they fail to change one important thing that can greatly help in their fight against premature aging – their diet.Health professionals never cease to remind us that eating the right food and proper moderate exercise can indeed keep our body’s processes (such as collagen production which is important for healthy skin ) at its very top form.What we eat and consume daily all play an important part in how we look and how we age. In view of this fact, this article aims to give you a bird’s eye view of exactly what you need to eat and what you should avoid to make sure that you only consume food that promote collagen growth and production.So what are these so-called “anti wrinkle” food? What are these nutrients that delays aging as much as possible?The usual rule of thumb really does apply here. Eat your fruit and vegetable every day and you’re pretty much on your way to a healthier skin. However, there are specific food that are said to greatly enhance skin nutrition.These class of food  are referred to as anti-inflammatory. They are rich in antioxidants and their main purpose is to help your body heal and easily adapt to various negative environmental stimulants such as pollution or sun exposure.Listed below are some food needed for a nutrient-filled diet especially for the skin.FRUITThere are many fruit considered high in antioxidants. Very recently, there was all these big hullabaloo on the acai fruit and how it has a high antioxidant content. And that’s true. But it’s not the one fruit that has the highest antioxidants. You don’t need to go anywhere exotic  or buy something expensive to find these fruit at all. Here are some you can get at your corner store:All berries especially Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawbGranny Smith ApplesPrunesPlumsRaisinsBlack GrapeGrape fruitOrangePineappleRed CurrantAvocadoBlack OliveVEGETABLESHere are 10 vegetables with very high antioxidant contentArtichokeAsparagusBeet rootCauliflowerEggplantgreen lettucemushroomred bell pepperspinachtomatoNow it’s not just fruit and vegetables that can be part of your anti wrinkle food pyramid. Also try to consume nuts, fish high in omega 3 such as salmon and legumes.Use the list above to start your skin care diet. This should make sure that you are eating the best food that will surely benefit your skin. Please also remember that this is not JUST A DIET. It has to be a LIFESTYLE. Make it part of your life and your skin will surely thank you for it.In addition to the list of food that are good for you, you also need to know which foods actually contribute to  a shriveled dry unhealthy skin.The famous Dr. Perricone contends that we must not eat food that are considered pro inflammatory. These are those which include high levels of sugar and starches. So, limit your carbohydrate intake as much as possible. Sorry rice, pasta, potato and bread lovers. But these food just don’t help so much with your fight against aging. They are pro inflammatory and  can be rather detrimental to your skin.So if you must include this in your diet, keep it to the minimum.Source: Free Articles from


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Dog foods can basically be broken down into three separate categories based on nutritional content and quality of ingredients used: Super Premium, Premium, and Generic. Super Premium foods are often manufactured by smaller sized companies and are usually only available in specialized pet stores. They use the highest quality ingredients and have an outstanding nutritional balance that can possibly add years to a dog’s life! Some Super Premium brands include, Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, and Artemis. Premium foods use good quality ingredients and generally have a proper nutritional balance. Some Premium brands include, Iams, Science Diet, and Nutro. With the exception of Iams, Premium brands can usually only be pound in pet stores. Generic foods are usually the least expensive and the easiest to find (these are the one found in grocery stores, Walmarts, etc). They use the least expensive ingredients and some brands change ingredients frequently, based on meat market prices (this can be very detrimental to a dog’s digestive system, especially in sensitive breeds). Some Generic brands include Pedigree, Alpo, and Beneful.

When choosing a food for your dog, it is important to understand what each brand offers nutrition and quality-wise. With a quick glance at the ingredient labelScience Articles, you can often make a fairly accurate assessment of the quality of any given brand and make the right choice for you and your dog!


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